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1. Common Allergens:

A. Food (most common) – cow's milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, other nut products, soy, wheat, shellfish, codfish, and seeds

B. Food (less common) - Chocolate, barley, rice, citrus fruit, melons, bananas, tomatoes, spinach, corn and potatoes

C. Animals – Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats and birds

D. Insects – Honey bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, fire ants, yellow jackets, centipedes

2. Common Allergy Symptoms – common signs of an allergic reaction may be a combination of any of the following symptoms:

A. Less Severe Symptoms – Hives, itching, swelling, red watery eyes, runny nose, stomach cramps, change of voice, coughing, wheezing, dizziness, change of color, swelling in area of bite

B. More Severe Symptoms – Vomiting, Diarrhea, throat tightness, difficulty in breathing or swallowing, fainting, loss of consciousness

3. Possible Accommodations For A Student With An Allergy – the accommodations listed below are suggestions and may not be practical or appropriate in all cases. Necessary accommodations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

A. Communication

1. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the preschool about their child's allergy. The information should be documented on the Health Care Summary from the child's physician. An allergy alert will be posted in the classroom. The Preschool will inform the parent or guardian of any incidents related to the allergy at school and the parent/guardian shall inform the school of any new information regarding the student's allergy.

2. A list of allergies will be posted in each classroom and also in the area where snacks are prepared. At the Fall In-service Meeting all allergies will be discussed and all Preschool staff will know the protocol for each classroom which would include individual care plans if an allergic reaction took place.

B. Food Allergies

1. Preschool staff will take all measures necessary to create snack lists that are allergen free.

2. Preschool Staff will notify all the parents in their classes of any allergies that need special consideration regarding treats or special events. Staff will distribute information to parents about food products that is safe to send to school.

3. If a food item(s) are sent to the class that are not listed on the snack list the teacher will call the parent to get permission to serve the food.

4. All food items must be purchased in stores with packaging intact along with a list of ingredients.

5. Since some students have allergic reactions to food particles that become airborne during cooking, foods that students are allergic to, will not be prepared or cooked in their presence.

6. Students will be encouraged not to share their food or eating utensils with one another and to thoroughly wash their hands before and after handling food.

7. If the food allergy is severe there will possibly be special events that the student may not be able to attend. These special events include:

* Pizza Family Night
* Thanksgiving Feast
* Happy Birthday Jesus Party
* Moms and Muffins Day
* Dads and Donuts Day
* Ice Cream Social
* Field trips that are food related, i.e. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop

C. Animal Allergies

1. No animals will be kept in the Preschool classrooms because of possible allergies. Special events may include a visit from an animal naturalist.

D. Insect Allergies

1. Bug sprays or lotions will only be administered by parents before coming to Preschool unless a release form has been signed by a Dr.

2. Parents will be encouraged to have their children wear loose fitting clothing and avoid open footwear, and avoid wearing perfumes or scented cosmetics.

*If any children who attend SJN Preschool with severe allergies need an emergency care plan, the Director, Teachers and Parents/Guardians of the child will meet to review the emergency care plan that the child's physician has approved and sent in.

If you have any questions or concerns about above information please contact Wendy Ashbridge, Director at 651-454-0569.